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Skilled at matching your current product in taste, color, formula, etc… we make the switch, easy!

The Keys to Trusting Your Manufacturer:

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Why Choose Triton?


You overpay

Contract manufacturers are notoriously known for price-gouging, and having exorbitant bottle minimums that the average company just cannot meet.

The lead times you’re quoted come and go!

You Order Your Product from a Distributor or an impersonal contract manufacturer: This way you end up with either a stock formulation that doesn't stand out or you wait around for months (even a year) with little communication before your custom formula is finally finished.

You get a product that doesn’t match what you want or are currently selling:

Your manufacturer is simply stumped on how to produce what you want. This means he can’t match your current product, or realize your vision for a new formula.

You run out of stock because of poor management and inconsistent lead times

They’ll promise you one date, then say they are backlogged or can’t find a certain ingredient, and your frustrated customers are left wondering when it'll be back in stock!

Your manufacturer can’t help you with your documentation requirements:

These days a brand needs to be able to provide exactly the right documentation and maintain strict compliance standards. If your manufacturer can’t keep up with you it’s possible that you could lose your ability to sell on certain marketplaces or worse!


You get extremely competitive and transparent pricing

We have unique partnerships with ingredient suppliers to get you the best price possible. You also won’t find any hidden fees, or bait and switch tactics. The price you’re quoted is the price you pay!

Proven Experts

We give you an end-to-end picture of what’s happening with your project. You will be notified and kept in the loop about any significant changes or delays in your formulation or manufacturing process so that you can make informed decisions.

Customized Solutions

We take a flexible approach with our clients because each one has unique needs. Whether you need help with matching an existing product or with custom formulation, we are here for you every step of the way!

Full communication and transparency every step of the way

We work with you to create a fully custom formula with the ingredients you choose. We have experience working with a huge number of herbs and plants. Whether you are trying to match an existing hot selling formula or start from scratch, we know what to do!

All of the following are available (and more):

Gluten Free
Alcohol Free
Sugar Free

How Does Ordering with Us Work?

3 Simple Steps Take Your Inspiration to A Finished Product.

We know that no two businesses are the same. Keeping that in mind, we’ve helped businesses scale from garage sized to multi-location success stories. Whether your initial order is large or small, we will ensure that you have the highest quality formula, fastest turn around times, and the most competitive margins so you can GROW!

Supplement Manufacturing Learning Center:

Quality Guarantee Seal

Quality Control Guarantee

Our cutting-edge nutraceutical manufacturing machinery, cGMP & FDA certified lab, and in-house quality control department carefully monitor your liquid supplement to ensure it meets industry standards and passes all third-party testing - guaranteed. We are proudly certified by UL®, a leading third-party certification company that's been around for over a century.

Certificate of analysis with every shipment

Guaranteed to pass third party testing

Batch tested for Potency

Quality Control Guarantee

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